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Knowing nothing...

doesn’t stop me from having opinions, by definition uninformed opinions, but here I go.  My subject is the apparently virulent xPDT hater, Gen Miley.  In his defense, he survived a long career in the Army, which no doubt placed him in harms way over a period of many years.  An opinion piece in the WSJ this morning damned the man with faint praise: his strengths are a nose for the political winds and vocabulary rich in the use of the universal adjective.  His allegiance to his immediate senior in the chain of command, the President, seems to be a matter of whether or the President’s demeanor suits his sensibilities.  Woke is good, but xPDT is bad and so slander and innuendo is acceptable.  Unacceptable.  The man should stand down and retire to Oregon or California and there exercise his First Amendment rights.  He is not qualified to lead the Armed Forces and has no place in history.

So have you tried listing Iran’s redeeming values …? I have and I come up empty.  Why is it exactly that we, the American People, should so covet the approval of that government that we allow them to attempt to assassinate folks within our borders and tolerate their death to America diplomacy…?  Beat me, but then I don’t know nothin’.

Will the delta variant of the wuhan get you?  Even if you are vaccinated?  If so will you survive? Will the wuhan ever go away?  Will fauci ever go away? 

Just for the record:

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