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Labor Day

Quite the misnomer.  I suppose if we track the history, we’ll find an altruistic celebration of the American Worker.  Not so much anymore.  Labor means unions and even those whose inner democrat is leaking out will admit unions convey corruption, power grabs and death to small business.  In the meantime the American Worker is subject to the whims of the economy, happy during the good times, suffering during the bad.

Sunday, because of a local marathon on the main roads, we had no Sunday School.  That meant we had time to watch “Sunday Morning” on CBS.  In spite of my aversion to the liberal network (redundant, I know) I love the program and have been watching, when I could, for many years.  On the road with Charles Kuralt…  Great stuff.  

Sunday they did an interview with Mad Dog Mattis.  Although the purpose of the interview was clearly to cast bad on PDT, what I got out of it was a celebration of true leadership.  This interview paralleled an article he wrote for the WSJ, published in the Review section on Saturday.  He made no bones about the fact that little  that happens in government can be construed as leadership.  His contempt for the decisions of PDT, hussein and GWB was clear and up front.  His decision to resign as SecDef in the face of Trump’s arbitrary and ego driven decisions was an example of integrity and moral standing that should be taught and exemplified in every school and university.  Those who think PDT and Mattis are mavericks cut from the same cloth are so very wrong.  Trump isn’t worthy to shine that man’s shoes.

And yet I’ll vote for him.  The alternative is absolutely chilling.  


Since I am being preachy this morning, I’ll comment on the mass shootings that plague us.  The liberals say it is a gun issue;  PDT says it is a mental health issue; the democrats would kill the 2nd Amendment or at least pretend it doesn’t exist to safeguard our freedom.  In fact the issue is the rot of our Christian Judeo ethical values.  

It may have started earlier, but clearly the revolutionary 60’s was when it became obvious.  The moral health of the Nation has submarined from that time to now in a way that only radical surgery could have saved us. It’s too late.  Now with the celebration of multi gendered LGBTXYZ, the complete takeover of the education system by brain dead liberal radicals, the total destruction of the family, the paganizing of society and denigration of Christians, we get mass murders because... why not…? 

Sorry.  Sometimes Mondays are like this…

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