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Labor Day

is a holiday.  Whatever that is.  To me it means no WSJ and higher greens fees. 


I have been following the scandal in the Catholic Church but most via PowerLine who has done a couple of devastating articles, including one on how the liberal media is reluctant to criticize a Pope who espouses all of their liberal causes.  I broadened my reading when this headline jumped out at me:  Pope to Purge Priests Who Drink from Plastic Straws.  

At last, John McCain’s physical remains have placed beneath the soil at USNA. So ends the hype and disparagement accompanying his funeral services.  The Nation owes him respect for his service but those who commandeered the events to bash PDT showed none of that.


Lena ha been with us a little over a week.  It’s time to begin to think about finding her a new home.  We’ll really miss her sage wisdom on a variety of topics.  For a democrat, her clarity on a number of issues is remarkable.


Enjoy the holiday.  That is unless your creed, political allegiance, weather, climate, Church doctrine and/or gender declarations prohibits enjoyment of any sort. 


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