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Late Today

Busy morning.  The daily call to SAMSUNG… Then I had to take my iPhone into Apple to have the battery replaced.  I had signed up for the program earlier.  They notified me my turn had come, so in I went.  They took the phone, checked it over and said I could have it back in an hour.  So what can a person do with a spare hour in a mall…?  Well this person had no interest in sitting at the coffee place or otherwise shopping so I bopped over to Golf Galaxy and 30 minutes later I had a new set of irons.  I tried out new drivers as well but didn’t really like the results.  Then back to the Apple store where I picked up my phone right on time.  No evidence they actually changed the battery but maybe I’ll see it later in terms of endurance.

The SAMSUNG call was a nightmare.  After getting past the automated answer stuff, I was informed that the office was closed.  Goodbye.  Same result on retry.  Then I called from my cell.  Same result.  So then I called from Mei Mei’s number figuring they didn’t have that number flagged.  I got through to the first level.  Then as I was being transferred to the “Executive Level” I got the message again.  Closed.  Goodbye.  Called back and asked the representative at level 1, WTF…  Oh, let me investigate he/she/xhe told me.  About 3 minutes on hold and I was patched through.  So I repeated my question to the person whose name was masked by her accent even after I asked her to spell it for me. Oh, she said, we don’t open for business until 0900.  Sigh… Never mind my dozens of previous calls were answered before 0900.  Then we went through the usual bovine excrement about they needed two working days to resolve my issue.  I  pointed out, quite politely, that it had in fact been several working weeks.  Unimpressed she consulted the written record and informed me that the case had only been submitted to the Exchanges and Refund desk yesterday.  Two working days would be tomorrow… I wonder what time they will open tomorrow and whose number I will have to call from…

I am still in shock recovering from a picture on the front page of the WSJ.  It depicted a group of people allegedly marching in honor of MLK, all holding signs “I AM A MAN”  I can’t stand it.  Is that gender assumption or what…?  Where is the outrage…?


Too many dogs.  That’s just a fact.  Time for a change.

Golf yesterday was about what I expected.  A half dozen really good shots mixed with several dozen bad ones.  The obvious solution was to replace my clubs which I did.  I could easily work in Washington.

Kids are coming this weekend.  Very excited.  The springtime climate we have been enjoying will change to Winter for the weekend.  Only fair since all of my kids qualify as political conservatives.

I see where the National Guard is being mustered by PDT  to head for the border.  Not all of them, of course.  Those State Governors who do not accept the Federal of Things may choose to keep their Guard at home in case there is an issue concerning…uh… I don’t know… something involving the high school age group...


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