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During a TV interview yesterday,  Sheriff Israel of Broward Country stated that he had shown "amazing leadership”.  Yeah. He said that.  He also noted that if an officer stood by and failed to respond, that wasn’t his responsibility.  Yeah.  He said that.  Even the CNN interviewer was incredulous. I’ve been in the leadership business.  I’ve known some great, yes, even amazing, leaders.  Can’t recall any of them needing self affirmation.  Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, they all took full responsibility for what happened on their watch.

cops standing around

But on the bright side:  He is a democrat and so is immune from accountability…

Missed most of the closing ceremonies last night, but happy none-the-less.  Is the national nightmare finally over…?  I pray our children will no longer be afflicted with the need to throw themselves off steep cliffs or ride helplessly down icy slopes submerged inescapably in the body odor of several other men (persons…?) along for the ride. 

I actually had to mow the grass yesterday.  The mulch is spread and the trimming done.  Springtime in February.  The benefits from having  PDT just don’t quit.  I mean he gets the blame for AGW doesn’t he… Why not the credit.

Andrew McCarthy has written a blistering critique of the schiff memo released in rebuttal to the Nunes memo.  Case closed, at least in my razor sharp legal mind of Holiday Inn Express fame. Point, counterpoint. The fact remains that the only person who can definitively define what part the infamous dossier played in permitting the equally infamous spying is the FISA Judge who authorized the warrant.  Sadly, it seems we of the great unwashed shall never know whether or not he was a dupe of the biased, corrupt but excruciatingly fair FB/DOJ leadership.  Sigh…

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