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Less Angry

The scale was kind to me this morning.  It’s been 10 days or so since I had my last cookie and it has paid off.  Still grossly unfit and straining to button m pants but it’s a start.

The inanity of the democrat argument still remains absent from the news Interpreters.  Apparently CNN asked a local TV station for an assessment of the security situation.  When the report was given that the wall in that location assured a secure community, CNN decided not to use the report.  And of course Mister “I love me”, CNN reporter acosta, reported from a secure community that had a wall.  He thought he was slamming PDT when in fact he was fun supporting the argument.  Can’t make this stuff up.


I just spilled a bottle of water on m_ keyboard.  Some of the ke_s don’t work.  Sigh…

Here’s some good news:  Chocolate is better at suppressing coughs than over the counter cough medicines.  So much for the diet.

#$% ke_board is driving me c_az_. 

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