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Let me

be among the last to wish you a Happy New Year… We arrived home last night from our semi-annual trip to Gales Ferry where we cavorted raucously with the McLanes in celebration.  This year we, once again, did not finish the puzzle in spite of my actually pitching in and finding a few pieces.  Maybe next year.  Cindy was the penultimate hostess.  She fed us abundantly and well, as she always does.  Amtrak ferried us to and fro.  We were at least a half hour late  going but got home 20 minutes early.

Jackson called this morning to announce he had gotten orders to the USS North Dakota, a Virginia Class SSN.

Reapers of the Deep indeed.  We are thrilled.

Of course I am horrified by the images of the fully automatic, child endangering assault weapons.  It’s just this sort of thing that can lead a President to commit the impeachable offense of assassinating an innocent Iranian citizen.  Oh, the humanity… (read with extreme irony…)

The WSJ broadcast the deadly flooding in Jakarta.  I immediately contacted Scott. He reported they were well clear of the flood zone.

Happy birthday to Betty, my sister of 78 years.  Just a kid but  pretty wise for her age.

I know the democrats and their news interpreter compatriots will generate all the outrage mankind is permitted in response to PDT taking positive presidential action against Iran.  Instead of delivering billions in cash on a pallet he delivered a couple of Hellfire missiles to eliminate a terrorist guilty of murdering hundreds of Americans.  I love that he tweeted an American Flag as it happened, but then I am a far right wing, insensitive barbarian who thinks there are only two genders.  God Forgive me.


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