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I cannot imagine the anguish  of being Police in Minneapolis.  The decades of liberalism have made it impossible to enforce the law and impossible not to enforce the law. In the case of George Floyd, the police were recorded using extreme patience with a drug addled idiot who would not cooperate.  That he died was a tragedy, and if he died because of the restraints being applied that is malpractice of the worst sort.  But the reaction of the community isn’t rational.  Looting is not a protest.  Burning buildings is not protest. I don’t have the descriptors for those actions, but they are not acceptable in any society.  What I do know is the chaos is the result of liberal, democrat policies.  The government that must create walls, and wire barriers to protect it’s citizens from lawless rioting has failed  disastrously   Another case of police shooting occurred last night leads to more looting… 

If I had the power, I’d legalize all drugs.  But there would be no taxpayer funded medical treatment for abuse or reaction.  Overdose and die.  And all crimes committed under the influence would be capital offices, including DUI.  I’d also throw the entire Congress out and start over every two years.  That’s probably why God mandates that I vegetate rather than rule.


  © Robert Graham