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Yeah.  Sometimes it’s an effort.  As Glenn Reynolds, The InstaPundit, my first read of the daily routine, put it:  "It wasn’t a blue wave.  More like a purple puddle".  Even VaBch, usually reliably conservative, tossed out our representative for a democrat.  


Things are a bit hectic here.  Lena, our female foster from Turkey, turns out to be a complete female.  She began spotting and then Roscoe developed an interest.  She is in heat.  Fortunately Roscoe is not intact but that doesn’t slow his panting lust.  

Satisfying that every democrat senator, up for election, who voted against Kavanaugh, lost. Other than that I experienced the some of the same pain I felt when the Great American Public elected hussein.  

Where did I put that scotch bottle anyway...

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