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 Lite on comments

I haven’t posted much lately.  After all how many ways are there to say p* is non-functional and his stupidity is second only to that of vp*… And since I am all consumed with that topic, I have just avoided the repetition.  Even the cartoons are struggling for freshness. Leadership by poll results is typical of democrat ethos.  


I am lead by reading the varied and relatively biased and unreliable words produced by blogs and even the WSJ, to some highly speculative conclusions.

1) the war isn’t going well for the Russians.  Suddenly the Russian military has shrunk from 10 feet tall to about the size of the average garden gnome. While they are able to bring down havoc on civilians, they are struggling against fierce patriotism and determination. For reference see this article in today’s WSJ. Vlad, the WarCrim, could release the hounds so to speak, but short of that I surmise NATO has little to fear.

2) In his typical “someone tell me where to go” leadership style, p* is determined to give a gaudy, gold wrapped gift to the Iranians for… well… just because.  We'll soon see all sorts of concessions to Iran in return for … uh… their continued hatred.  Smells and tastes of the leadership of ex-pres and well known advocate of sharia, hussien…

  © Robert Graham