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I have mixed opinions about the liz cheney mess.  The family has always been staunchly conservative in representing the most conservative State in the union.  Of course the issue is the complete loss of rationality with respect to xPDT.  Her willingness to serve on the heinous J-6 tribunal illustrates the vast portion of her brain occupied by big donald.  The  loss of her conservative voice makes me sad but the voters spoke clearly and dramatically.

Apparently because of the images taken from the James Webb Telescope, there are some suggestions that the Big Bang Theory of creation may be falling apart.  Beyond what the words big bang imply, I have no insight or even vague understanding of the theory.  I read the article and still don’t know any more than that but it seems the field of Cosmotology is all a twitter over contradictions and irregularities.  Of course, like the evils of climate change, the big bang is “established science” so folks are losing their careers for suggesting there may be questions.  I am sort of hooked on the supposition that God created this whole thing, as crazy as that seems, so I have no further comment.


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