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Lovely Climate

here at least.  Not so nice in the midwest where the tornadoes are tearing lives asunder.  One would think the power of those storms would exemplify the futility of wagging a finger at God and saying we know better than you how this climate stuff works.  But the liberal left think they are God.  Should be an interesting conversation at the pearly gates.

Last night we enjoyed dinner and conversation with the ’61 crowd.  We saluted a number of things: new homes, vacations, recovering health and the departure of Jackson for Boot Camp.  The restaurant of choice was a steak house.  AOC would have been proud of our contributions tp the reduction of that pesky cow flatulence.  Peta was not happy but contentment among the beef consumers was pretty apparent. 

PDT must be the most investigated president in history.  The DOJ, FBI, multiple committees from both houses of Congress, both republican and idiot led, have wandered up and down his colon, his family, his business associates and connections, many using illegal methods and full application of the hews interpreters…  And what have they come up  with…?  Well they discovered he is an irritating, self-centered egotist… Much like his predecessor I might add… They discovered he has made America Great Again much to their dismay.  Impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors…?  Not so much.  Those instances did occur among the investigators and the whining butt hurt democrats  whose corrupted life styles were destroyed when the country rejected bb hil as corrupter-in-chief.


It’s pretty clear to me that Pelosi cannot hold back the raging, visceral hatred of her factions in Congress.  They will impeach PDT and that is a good thing.  Lord knows I have no insight into the mental processing of the Great American Public, but the impeachment proceedings can have no basis in fact and that public exposure can only foul the prospects for the reelection of those so-called moderates among the democrats. Should the impeachment be successful, in which the Senate convicts, I foresee an acceleration of the timing of the revolution during which blood will be spilled.

Ah well... time to wander off in other directions.  Tomorrow, Ginger goes in for dental cleaning.  She is 9 and must be put under, so that is a worry.  Roscoe on the other hand will be able to undergo the removal of the growth from his eye while conscious.  They will snip and freeze.  And then do the same on my wallet.   Gracie Pearl is still the charmer.  I am sure she harbors the same subversive intent as all radical Islamists but she masks it all with sweetness and light.  There is no doubt in my mind that one day she will return from her trip outside wearing an explosive vest… But we just close our eyes to her schemes because, after all no one wants to be Islamophobic… Those people are dangerous


aa© Robert Graham 2012