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Mad Mad world...

One of my favorite movies but… What kind of world are we in…?  Just a couple of questions:

In what world does a man get arrested for referring to his daughter as “she”? This world

In what world does the President of the United States refer to his VP as “President” over and over again: This world

In what world does the xPDT get blamed for mutders at a massage parlor…  This world 


This could go on all day but one final question:  In what world is the protest at the Capitol an armed insurrection while the attack on the Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and others is simply nothing...

Pretty nasty climate this morning.  Cold. windy and wet. Golf starts Wednesday.. maybe.

Ask me if I have a PS5 yet… Well I could have Scott get me one for $900 or buy one on Amazon for $1300…. So… No

  © Robert Graham