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I’m not much of a mandate person.  A mandate seems to be exactly the sort of thing that resulted in the Revolutionary War. There were tea mandates, impressment mandates and quartering mandates.  Didn’t sit well with the ancestors. Led to actual insurrection. 

 I recall the argument being made when the gummit mandated everyone have buy health care that the net result would be the gummit could mandate anything it wanted.  And so it seems.  Vaccines for everything from the flu to VD can be made non-optional at the risk of one’s livelihood.  At least one court has seen the danger and lack of constitutionality and surely others including SCOTUS will save us from this exercise of totalitarian power.  You can set the butternut squash on my table, but dadgumit, you can’t make me eat it.


I was amused - perhaps sickened is better term - at the democrats debate as to whether passage of the pork laden infrastructure bill prior to election day would have been beneficial to the democrat candidate…? Somehow I still cling to the idea that legislation is suppose to be beneficial to the American Public and not to politicians… But what do I know.  I’m just a white artifact breathing oxygen that could be better used fighting climate change.

Remember 175 million years ago when the continent Pangea split into Africa, South America, Australia and India…? Tough times.  If you think climate change is bad now, imagine what that was like.  No doubt there were warnings from the prehistoric gretas and algores, but no one stifled the dinosaur post meal emissions or carbon enhancing campfires and there it was…


So as a thrice vaccinated person (pronouns not relevant at this time)  I can both catch and transmit the wuhan even in environments where other sheep ah… people are masked.  There were folks in church last Sunday wearing masks.  When I asked them why the reply was they, even though vaccinated, wanted to be as safe as possible.  My other question: if the vaccine can’t save you, in what way is the mask additional protection?  was not asked.


  © Robert Graham