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Massive Stupidity

Or, in other words: your President.  That the USA can be energy independent in a heart beat is a historical fact.  That p* turns his head away from the national security such status provides is absolutely frightening. 

Where are the American Zelenskyy’s…? They ain’t in government- that’s a fact.

In other news: we temporarily had another very scared foster.  Sadly, he attempted to jump through the picture window in our breakfast area.  We had to give him up when he slammed me into a wall as I tried to restrain him.  Then we got this guy:  

He is the size of a puppy but actually a 4 year old “miniature" Golden.  There is no such breed but Scout is as close we’ll find.  What a cutie.

My contempt for POTUS can no longer be expressed within my limited  English language vocabulary.  Perhaps Mandarin, French or the language of Fins has the sophistication to properly describe the dolt… This is the best I can find:


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