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As soon as the snow clears we’ll find the May Pole… A bit cynical I guess.  The climate has been trending favorably and is scheduled to reach into the warming part of the thermometer tomorrow.  So I celebrate the arrival of May even as I wonder why the only part of April I can remember is Tax Day.

I am doing the pairing for our Senior golf group this month. You’d think that would be pretty simple what with the players all being “seniors”, mostly retired and available.  But not so.  Some folks just can’t get their act together even though the procedure for signing in or signing out is well established and thoroughly beat into everyone’s head. Still some will call at the last minute asking about guests or discovering they can’t play after the pairings are set. I’d call them democrats but most of them are not. They just display the characteristics.

SAMSUNG…? Yeah, we still talk now and then.  Yesterday for example, Cathy, a well spoken and pleasant lady ( if I may assume a gender) was astounded that SAMSUNG had not yet made me a “Model Offer”.  That being the model which they would offer in place of the old non-working, defective, broken, inoperative, crippled and otherwise totally unacceptable pile of plastic @#$%^&.   Sorry.  I’m such a whiner.  She offered to stay in touch with me via email as the situation progresses.  Laughed out loud as I told her she was the third to make that offer.  The other two apparently passed away of old age. As I will probably also.  if I ever get old.

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Halley will entertain a new visitor on Thursday.  She is quite imbedded in our hearts and souls so adoption will surely involve taking one or more of us as well.  I certainly would miss some aspects of my life here such as the TV… Oh wait.. 

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