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Memorial Day


I wish I had the words… but I don’t.  Thankfully the words are out there.  Read here.  Actually PowerLine extracted an article from a 2007 edition of the WSJ written by Peter Collier.  The article is behind the firewall but if you have a subscription, here is the link.

We’ve had a quiet weekend.  Ginger was still in pain from the tooth extraction.  We kept her drugged up and this morning she seems back to battery.  She held reveille about 6:30 by placing her paws on my chest and washing my face.  After she scoffed down breakfast she ran out to bark at the golfers and the dog next door.  A dog’s life.

We watched the Memorial Day PBS special last night.  Usually the show is filled with patriotic music and touching remembrances of fallen heroes.  Last night the remembrances were tear generating and very well presented, but the music was less than satisfactory.  None of the songs were familiar and were sung in the style where the singer celebrates his/her ability to introduce notes the song writer never included.  The most obnoxious was “America” sung by Patti LaBelle, whose gospel rendition replete with screeching drove me out of the room.  While some of the artists were performing, the camera scanned the audience.  The perplexed faces seems to be saying “what the…”  All right… I know.  I’m a sour almost old man who knows nothing about music.

By the way, the JCS was represented but not exactly.  Instead of the Chief of Naval Operations, the Navy sent the admiral in charge of Naval Reactors…  The Kindly Old Gentleman, ADM Rickover, must have been screaming from the grave...

I see where the WHO now recognizes a "gaming disorder” illness.  Unfortunately I have all of the symptoms. 

"The behavior pattern is of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning.”

But I was this way even before I started serious gaming

Scott called yesterday.  He wanted me to know that Kayla had shot a 77.  It was the first time she had broken 80.  Very exciting.  Hopefully she is on the path to a scholarship…

So I should mow the lawn or set up the grill for hamburgers but I probably won’t.  The climate is quite warm.  I’ll read a book, take a nap.  Then watch some TV and complain a lot…


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