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Merry... the day after

Although we were without any family, the pain wore off.  The morning started with a family zoom.  We gathered in most of the Grahams, less sister Betty who lost track of time zones.  Most of the McKees including Matriarch Judith, Matthew and family, and the always reliable Sribars joined in.  On the down side, Tyler’s inlaws were diagnosed with the wuhan and so all of them were in isolation, exacerbated by their inability to get  a test. Let’s go Brandon. Megan spent all night in the ER with what turned out to be a stomach flu. The Fuqua's were exhausted. Pam is ill with wuhan symptoms, again unable to get a test.  Thanks again Brandon. Still it was a good call.  The Junior Grahams looked good except for Kelly who has turned into some long legged fashion model.  We suspect the original Kelly was stolen by the Grinch and replaced with this new stunning teenager.   

We had a very lovely Christmas dinner prepared by Bonnie and Joe.  Traditional turkey and the fixings  We received some amazing gifts including a box of minced pies in butter pastry soaked in single malt scotch… What imagination.

We have 2 1/2 pounds of Sees candy, a plate of sticky buns, two platters of Christmas cookies, and several other boxes and/or tins of candy.  The very dream of a type two diabetic…

We watched Episode 1 of the the series Chosen.  it was hard to follow until near the end when Jesus made an appearance.  Then the pieces began to fit.  Looking forward to the succeeding chapters.  

  © Robert Graham