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That’s me.  Sorry but not sorry.  Life is busy and frankly I have little to say that I have not already said. Repeatedly.

I did get a new monitor to go with my PS5.  Simply astounding graphics.  Extravagant but given my age and that fact I have stopped buying golf clubs, I guess it’s all right.  Halo has made amazing progress.  His eyes are healing nicely and his skin is recovering.  He wore the cone of shame for 8 days.  I’m not sure who suffered more, him or us, but I took it off this morning.  He was very nonchalant about the whole thing.

I have empathy for p*’s mental state.  I’ll be 84 in a couple of weeks so I do have a frame of reference.  He should know better.  For example:

I have little interest in seeing xPDT run for president again.  I wish he would just retire quietly and enjoy his golf.  But the democrats, news interpreters included of course, just won’t stop.  The harassment qualifies as persecution.  If they would shut up and lgnore him, he would fade away just like old soldiers. The DOJ and FBI have destroyed their credibility.  Even if they have a valid case, half the country will react badly.  

  © Robert Graham