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Yeah I know.  I skipped a couple of days.  Sometimes I just can’t add value and sometimes I play golf.  Yesterday I played golf.  It rained.

So to the heart of the matter: I completed my most recent of 13 calls with SAMSUNG on Thursday having received the news that my case was being forwarded to the Exchange and Refunds desk.  The only thing holding back my total customer satisfaction is some missing data on the internal SAMSUNG forms. Should that data be found and entered properly, I will be called with good news no later than Tuesday.  My skepticism was apparently obvious from my bitter, sardonic attitude, so I was urged to call back should the awaited good news not materialize.  Sigh….

As a side note eveyrtime I place a call, an automated voice asks me if I would be willing to take a brief satisfaction survey after the call.  I always say yes.  After the call, the automated survey begins with : "on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being very dissatisfied how would you rate the results of your call today?”  I answer “ONE”.  The voice says "I did not get that. Please repeat".  I repeat: “ONE”. After two more repetitions, the voice says “goodbye”. That’s SAMSUNG.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

I was amused by Gen Mattis’ greeting when John Bolton came to call.  "I wanted to meet you" , he said, "I heard you were the Devil incarnate”. 


  I heard rumors that the Pope declared that damnation to Hell was simply a CNN concept - Fake News. I suspect the rumors were probably Fake News but couldn’t pass up the chance to use that line.

That Easter and April Fools day coincide this year, marks a unique opportunity for both Believers and non-believers to celebrate.  Christians know the Fools and weep for them.

Finally Moses:


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