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Tries to flatter me into resuming nonsense.  Apparently that works.  

Anyway we had a nice Thanksgiving.  We had a nice young man join us. He seemingly was allergic to the massive amounts of dog dander.  His eyes and nose were running so he cut his visit short.  Four dogs can do that to you.  Our assembly was within the guidelines of dear leader so no visit from the Gestapo.


We all know there was cheating and corruption.  But sadly we know that from anecdotal reports of this and that.  Even Sidney’s big lawsuit seems to fail at providing the big evidence and I’m not even sure what evidence would be sufficient. If the election coordinator, whatever that is, stepped forward and declared that , yes, I was paid $32M to rig the machines, here’ s how I did it, and here are photos and video of it happening, would that be sufficient…?  I doubt it.  No court in the land wants to be identified with overturning the election and I say that especially about SCOTUS.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Pack your bags big guy, youse is leaving da white house.

Apparently mask mandates are based on the science that the masks actually kill the virus.  It would seem that the tortuous trip though the fibers of the mask, completely tires the virus to the extent it simply can no longer infect and drops harmlessly to the ground where it dies from being trampled.  Things are easier to understand if one follows the science.  You're welcome.

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