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So… just wondering as I watched the end of the Jeopardy reign of Amy Schneider: if a man who identifies as a woman has a live-in girlfriend… is he/she a lesbian..? I just don’t know how that works… 

I guess it’s fair for p* to declare he will appoint a black female to SCOTUS. The Constitution gives him that enumerated power and we the people support the Constitution.   But it is sort of a treacherous path to walk.  Will he consider a white male if he identifies as a black female…?  What if the black female, after selection, suddenly decides she is a gray wolfhound…?  


As I have stated in the past, climate change is a very real thing.  “Scientists” have done some work on a cemetery site in Russia.  They found that 8200 years ago great numbers were buried because of human stress due to a global cooling event - that, folks, is the damage from climate change.  How sad that they missed the opportunity to mandate all electric transportation, or perhaps impose a carbon tax…  That cemetery land - no doubt ruthlessly expropriated from ethic natives - could have been pasture land.


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