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Let’s see… Heard from Scott.  He is doing well, Tika not so much.  They have a very nice apartment but their things from Jakarta are still en route so they are bare bones.. They are in a very green area of New Delhi and haven’t really been out to see the downtown New Delhi.  Uninteresting fact:  there are no supermarkets.  They have to visit separate stores for various food supplies.

Halo, our foster had an acupuncture treatment earlier this week.  Interesting.  We may have seen some improvement on his facial paralysis but very subjective call.

Kayla is due back a week from tomorrow and then departs for UF a few days later with Kathleen.

Sinema and Manchin have now both surrendered to democrat insanity.  I along with you and the rest of America have no idea what’s in the bill.  It may do everything the dems say it will for all I know.  History tells us, however, if the dems are that enthusiastic about the the bill and no republicans are voting for it, there is not much value coming to us, the common folk.

p* continues to test positive for the wuhan.  Or so they tell us.  I suspect he is being shut away so his approval doesn’t drop below 30%.  I guess vp* can’t test positive for anything.  She is totally negative.

Monkeypox is a national health emergency …?  masks to follow? More likely emergency vote drop boxes. The disease is both preventable and curable… But what has logic got to do with with anything…?

So the leader of the FBI testified before Congress and didn’t say anything.  He won’t talk about Hunter; won’t condemn the Russia hoax and still considered you and me to be the terrorists…  Pray for all you are worth for the return of conservative governance...

  © Robert Graham