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Nothing much on my mind this morning.  I am on hold waiting to schedule our visit to Hilton Head.  Steve and Kathleen are on board to go with us for the first time.  It was a quiet weekend although we did drive up to the Williamsburg area to attend the Seva Grreat annual party.  It was fun to see some people we have connected with over the years of GR rescue.  Then we watched football even though we have little interest in who wins the games.   

Just for the record, I consider Social Media to be the worst thing ever to happen to American culture.  There is no redeeming value.  


We are getting  new foster:


Marley, three year old female from a family with health issues that prevent them caring for her.  Always sad to get a dog from a loving environment.  The heart break that accompanies the decision is painful to consider.  Hopefully Gracie Pearl will be accepting and find a new playmate…  Not worried about Roscoe. He loves the girls…

I’m back in the lesson preparing mode.  This is a tough series on living with courage and hope in uncertain times… Very pertinent though…  I hope can can do the lessons without reference to democrats…   

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