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It’s one of those days.  I’ve got nothing but Joseph on the few brain cells active this morning.  I finally figured out why Joseph took Mary on that treacherous trip to Bethlehem when it made much more sense to leave her behind to have the baby.  The answer came to me in the dawn hours of foggy quasi-consciousness.  No doubt it was a message from Gabriel or more probably one of his designees.  I suspect my status with those on high entitles me to a Don Rickles sort of angel.  In any case I shared my theory with Mei Mei who looked askance and muttered something about the scotch reserves being depleted.  No.  I won’t go public.  I’m saving that one for the Sunday School class.

I read this morning that the reason the democrat message doesn’t get well received by the public is that democrats are just too smart for the average person.  This from Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono.  Yeah.  She actually said that.

Senator Grassley wants to know why the FBI raided the home of the whistle blower in the case of clinton, the Uranium One deal and the response of the FBI.  Yeah.  Good question.

Then there is the pressure to hammer PDT for not demanding the head of the Saudi ruler because of the murder of Khashoggi.  Sorry.  The murder may have been brutal and well outside moral acceptance by Judeo-Christian standards but… come on… We have absolutely no insight into the Saudi culture and hence no proper way to judge.  We have no dog in this fight.  Quite frankly we have accepted much worse from leaders with whom we routinely break bread.  I don’t believe those crying out for justice care a whit for the journalist or the circumstance.  More anti-PDT smoke hoping someone will choke.

joe biden now touting himself as the most qualified to be president.  Well, he does have some qualities favored among democrats:


I’d better quit before Don Rickles comes to get me… 

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