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I predicted the other day that the news of of an attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh would quickly fade from the headlines.  I was dead wrong.  The story never even got mention on most outlets. p* had no comment.  Nan the ripper continues to block protection for the the SCOTUS.  Tell me the dems don’t actually want one of their own to take out one of the good guys on the court… If they they had a God, they would be praying…

So it cost me about ten buck to mow the lawn… And that’s just the snacks I need to fuel my body up.  Thank God I am past baby formula… Don’t even get me started on the price of the gas… But of course, my distain is reserved for the greed of the oil industry and the all of the cow farts… After all what can the President do…?

I see in my reading that the new concern is empty shelves in the tampon section.  I’m sure the WH will find a way to blame xPDT but I can see clearly into the cause of shortages.  It’s all of these men who now think they are women… they are stripping the shelves…


Another comment on the 1/6 hearings:


And finally:

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