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Names and events… Wasn’t there a recent incident where a right wing insurrectionist killed a Capitol Police man but was shot while wielding a knife…?  What was his name…?  Oh, right… He was a Nation of Islam guy.. No need to remember that incident.  Wasn’t there a shooting a of white nationalist during the Capital Hill armed insurrection…?  What was her name…? (Ashli Babbit - xPDT supporter) Who shot her…?  Missing… Wasn’t there a mass shooting by a white nationalist insurrectionist in Boulder… What was his name…? What…? He was born in Syria with an was known by the FBI to have raged about racist islamophobes.  Ah… Islam… Let’s forget that one…  And the list goes on… 

There was a lead story in the WSJ this morning about how a Mexican Billionaire extorted hundreds of million $ from a Dutch Insurance firm.  The guy owned media outlets and began to run false stories about the Insurance company.  The company finally gave in to the extortion, paid the money and fled Mexico.  Change the country to the US, the extortioner to BLM/antifa and the observe the same behavior.  Gove us money; give us power; give us your integrity or we’ll burn you down… And by the way defund the police while your are at it.  We already own the DOJ and FBI… 

p* continues his unchallenged barrage of lies as he attacks the shame of murderous American guns.  But fear not.  He will not take away any Second Amendment rights… But of course "no Amendment is absolute…”  Words like "shall not be infringed” are relative at best and subject to TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE interpretation.


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