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We shared a wonderful 4th with Joe and Bonnie.  All of the essentials, great food, company and a 20 year old sample of the water of life.  Together we watched PDT as he sang the words we love to hear while the symbols of might and freedom soared overhead.  It was a fabulous speech and celebration.  All the dems could do was stutter and cough as they tried to cover the utter embarrassment of trying to condemn pure patriotism.  

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Or this one:


On the flip side we had a no good very bad day yesterday.  We had to euthanize Hope, our little China girl.  She came to us highly stressed, fearful of everything and so anxious all she could do was circle in place.  In the month she was with us, she began to accept our hands as love and not punishment.  She so enjoyed Kayla and especially Kelly who lavished love.  She had tested positive for Brucellosis, an incurable venereal disease.  Unfortunately the disease is contagious.  Clearly the origins were a breeding program in China.  She spent over a month in the company of our dogs and what that means can’t be determined for another several weeks when they are eligible to be tested.  Please pray…

So when things go wrong they come in threes right…?  A kerfluffel between competing economic powers has left our TV provider, DirecTv without access to to NBC and affiliates.  I would be inclined to shrug and say who gives a… but Mei Mei's soap opera is carried by NBC.  Thus it becomes a life crises.  No one can say when a compromise will be reached and service restored.  An easy solution would be to cancel the service but then we’ll lose access to FOX and that chills me well beyond the loss of Days of Our Lives… I do have an antenna that enables the TV in my office to receive local channels.  That happens to be my gaming monitor but yesterday I relinquished my chair to my partner of 58 years in order that she might enjoy an hour of soapiness.  I guess that sort of sacrifice is why it has lasted 58 years...

And for the third, I had a root canal last Tuesday.  The temp filling fell out and I can’t see a dentist until Monday.  The horror of what Steve has gone through flashed before my eyes…  Sigh… On the bright side I have a mostly full bottle of 14 year old Oban…


OK… a little crude… Sorry.  it made me laugh. The others ar PowerLine are not bad. My sense of humor is little on the ragged side this morning.


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