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Mixed Blessings

For starters, Edna passed through here in minimalist way.  Not a whole lot of rain and a just few things blown from the wind.  That’s good.  Sadly the kids visit is drawing to a close.  We went to Top Golf yesterday as we closed out.  Although Kayla got up at 6:00 this morning to go up to the course and hit practice balls, she and Scott headed north to stay with Steve and Kathleen and to visit extended family for a few days before returning here to fly out.

Scott flew his drone over the house to get some pictures.  The dogs did not like the humming little intruder.  This picture of Roscoe is award winning:


p*’s attempt to defend troop removal from Afghanistan yesterday was another in his continuing demonstrations of fading mental acuity.  the sadness I feel for him is overcome by the incredulity that he is actually the President.  This is exactly the situation the 25th Amendment was created to protect against.  

How hard exactly are the world leaders laughing at America.  The absence of any presidential presence is fundamental as Russia and China continue to bait and threaten.  Russia will soon move on taking the rest of Ukraine, probably coordinated with a China move on Taiwan.  And the US will respond with more Critical Race Theory … or warnings on climate change…

And don’t even get me started on who solved the Wuhan Flu crises...

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