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Mixed day...

My brain, such that it is, cannot grasp the the magnitude of the ineptitude of the p* administration.  p* himself mandated from on high that the science demanded all get booster shots. He set a date and declared supplies are in place.  Then the science, the FDA, voted 17-2 against the boosters.  Is the President embarrassed at the rejection.  No, not really.  He just went back on vacation.

The Army released the tragic news that instead of ISIS, they killed children and innocent humanitarians with a hasty drone strike.  Whoops, they said… Was p* embarrassed… nope.  Probably didn’t even remember… so he went back to his vacation.

FOX news continues to cover the unbelievable humanitarian crises at the Texas border… Is p* concerned that thousands of covid bearing illegals are streaming into the country…?  No, not at all.  He simply authorized money for a wall in Tajikistan tp prevent Afghan refugees from escaping the Taliban… and then he went back on vacation.


Gen Milley continues in office.  How sad is that…?  Is he embarrassed …   Not really because he has great wisdom:

On the bright side, Scott, Pam and Mike, and grandson Tyler are coming for dinner tonight.  A very excellent birthday present indeed. 

In closing I offer some of my own great wisdom:


  © Robert Graham