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Mixed Morning

We got back late llast night from a very nice trip to San Diego for a Class reunion.  It was a low key event with just enough to keep us busy, while allowing down time for semi-old people to rest.  The Navy-Notre Dame game was the expected disaster.  We skipped the stadium to watch the game in the Hotel bar with friends and so dodged the long wait to get through security, the ratty stadium, the fact that the vendors ran out of food by half-time and the final score.  Not to mention having to wait for the bus to get back, and the traffic...  Oh, the traffic.

This morning Harry was unwilling to get up and refused his food.  It looked like he was asking to call it quits.  But after carrying him outside, I got him to take some water and a little food.  He brightened up enough that we put off the inevitable.  It’s a matter of days now.  We’ve had to delay any interviews for Lena because we just can’t handle an adoption interview right now.

We missed or avoided the news over the weekend.  From strictly a human perspective, we are happy the bomber was caught.  It was inevitable.  The guy was an idiot who must have wanted to be caught.  The synagog massacre was heart breaking.  Why the police didn’t just dispatch that evil is a question to be pondered.  Anti-semitism is a curse that I will never understand.  From a Christian view, we share their sacred text and pray to the same God.  Christianity is Jewish in origin.  Christ was a Jew.  The Apostles and even Paul were Jews. But then that foul corruption seldom comes from Christians...

From a political perspective, it sickens me to see how the interpreters and the liberal wing politicize and manipulate every tragedy, hoping to tar the right and PDT in particular.  In the short time I have before I get old, I am unlikely to get over what the democrats and other liberals have done to our system of justice and decency.  I am sure this will not sit well in my final judgement and I will probably spend eternity in company with those same democrats, toasting marshmallows of hate in the fires of Hell.

While in SD, we reunited with some dear friends of yesteryear.  As it is always with true friends, there was no disconnect.  We simply picked up where we left off, when last together years ago.  

I am grateful to those who planned and executed the reunion.  Those folks gave of their time and energy unselfishly.  It was well organized and smoothly executed.  Classmates become more dear at every encounter.  San Diego, on the other hand is California.  The traffic and the taxes on everything belie description.  My retirement reserves would have been expended years ago had we chosen that land for residence.  Let’s not even open the subject of politics.  I will give them this positive though:  We had out first In-and-Out burger.  Magnificent.

I missed the weekly cartoons.  In retrospect, they were unremarkable.  I know it’s sort of a theme but again this one tickled me:

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But back to reality:


OK.  Too real.  How about this:


I know the feeling

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