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I started feeling funky sometime before NYE.  An intermittent cough that hurt in my chest and some urinary issues best left undescribed.  So I broke my rule that involves 104 temp and arterial bleeding before calling on a doctor.  She took some urine, gave me some anti-biotics and steroids, told me to drink more water, and said come back in a week. (emphasis on water for the benefit of unnamed readers).  That was Monday.  Today, I suddenly feel great.  Energy where there was none.  It might just be the presence of little Pearl in our lives but I champion the healing magic of bacterial combat.

So that’s the good news.  My morning reading is the flip side.  The pelosi-PDT oneupmanship has  escalated.  She derides his SOTU speech and says don’t come here.  He, at the very last minute, quite cleverly cancels her boondoggle trip.  Her letter to him stank of her obvious need to avoid a public dressing down from the podium of her house.  His letter to her was a masterpiece of satire.


The interpreters, surprise, surprise, found in favor of fancy nancy.

It’s not a trend because it has been happening for a long time; but the antipathy of the liberals/democrats towards religion is just another sign of the how far we have tipped from what was founded in this land under the Constitution.  Two examples:  The VP’s wife is under fire from CNN and the WP for taking a job teaching at a Christian school.  According to the interpretations, she endorses the school policies that are anti-LGBT and violate societal norms.  Read and become nauseous.

The second is the consideration that being Catholic and associated with one of the three branches of government is anti-constitutional. Case in point the grilling of a judicial nominee by the infamous duo of kamela harris and maize hirono about having been involved with the Knights of Columbus.  Then again democrat senator kennedy asked prospective AG Barr if being Catholic ruled against his appointment. 

Those people are politicians. Even given that they are democrats, implying less than a normal serving of rationality, they must think there is no price to pay for their religious enmity.  God forgive us.

Have I mentioned in the past that the FBI, DOJ and the entire hussein administration illegally and in total corruption of all that makes America great, pursued a false campaign to investigate and destroy PDT…?  My memory is poor as I approach old age. If I failed to bring this up I should point out that the facts are crystal clear and undisputed - except for the democrats and interpreters - but no one really cares so the game drifts on.  Is it significant that every major FBI player in this spectacle has been fired or resigned in disgrace…? Not really. BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE THEM IN LINE FOR THE GUILLOTINE.  Sorry, sometime I think too loud.

BTW the above rant generated by today’s column by Kimberly discussing what Bruce Ohr related to congress.

What else… Oh yes, the Governor of Virginia, a democrat, has proposed legislation that would designate any firearm capable of accepting more than 10 rounds of ammunition, to be an assault firearm thus illegal and subject to confiscation.  Hoo boy… Fortunately the republicans have a slim legislative majority.  I can’t imagine the backlash from the hinterland native sons should such  a law be enacted.  

There’s much more to rage about this morning but I have already run too long and I doubt anyone got this far. 

Non-secquitor, I know but I needed to get it in.

aa© Robert Graham 2012