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Good start.  Scott checked in for a long video chat.  Never ceases to amaze me when we talk real time from half way around the world.  

We had very nice Easter, starting with an inspirational church service.  The music was superb and the sermon one of those you hear and feel every word.  Then the Kuhns brightened our day by joining us for a ham dinner.  We solved most of the world’s problems.  Joe wanted to take Roscoe home with him, but the deal was he had to take Hannah also…  We still have four dogs.

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We watched Jesus Christ Superstar last night.  Not sure why because we knew from the start it wasn’t our sort of thing.  It was loud and chaotic.  It ended dramatically with the crucifixion.  Ironic that on Easter, the day marking the resurrection, the much ballyhooed broadway depiction of the life of the Savior would omit the seminal event that defines Christianity. Ironic but not surprising.  If you google “Easter” and look at images, all you will see are easter eggs, bunnies and candy.

Today I should hear from SAMSUNG.  Chortle

Now I have to quit because feel my screaming outrage is starting to affect the dogs.  They have begun to bark at the TV.

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