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and we have a lot of “other news”.  I do want to cringe over the incompetent and antagonistic FBI as illustrated by the Whitmer “kidnap” prosecutions and acquittals, but later…

Now for the other news:  Kayla has made her decision.  She will be attending the University of Florida in September.  Her Dad is ecstatic.  Among the criteria she listed  for choosing was that Florida is a RED state and led by DeSantis. Although UF does not offer the PGA management degree the wants, they do offer Sports Management.

Kayla is leading her golf team to the gold medal in the annual tournament of international schools.  The team is on track to win and Kayla is on track to win the individual medal. She is an amazing talent.  After my feeble attempt play last Wednesday, I wonder where she gets her genes...

We contracted for shower upgrades for the upstairs bathrooms in early January.  They showed up this morning to begin work.  Supply chain in evidence.  The bath/shower will become a walk-in shower while the smaller fiber glass shower in the other bathroom will just be upgraded.

We have two visitor dogs bringing the inventory to four. Scout who is now Joe and Bonnie’s foster is here while they are on travel; and we are babysitting a returning foster.  Four can be a large number…

You may have missed the fact that two of the four defendants in the so-called attempted kipnapping of Gov Whitmer were acquitted and the jury deadlocked on the other two.  At least 12 undercover FBI agents and informants were involved in the plot.  Read here.  Clearly the FBI was more interested in causing the crime than preventing it.  This pattern of FBI activism is seldom so well illuminated.  I know and you know that January 6th included the same undercover agitation.  A thorough cleansing of the bureau is necessary but perhaps not sufficient to change that culture.  

I am waiting for that knock on my door.  I suspect they will get me for international dog abuse.   Whatever you hear, I am innocent…  I only shot the pixels.

  © Robert Graham