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I’ve known monsoon rain.  Monsoons are a friend of mine.  Once in India, I was instantaneously soaked by a downpour so dense and sweeping it was completely disorienting. Never saw it since until this morning.  Harry, God bless him, went out in the rain to for his morning eliminations.  He finished and started through his routine of barking in lieu of returning via the thoughtfully placed, ergonomically constructed ramp intended to facilitate his return in just these situations.  At that moment the aforementioned monsoon enveloped the back yard, Harry and all who watched him.  I stood helpless as Harry completely drenched to the skin, stood there, pathetically refusing to move.  Fortunately, Jackson came the rescue.  I held the worthless umbrella while he carried the poor soaked creature to the door. As so the day started…

Watching the Open Championship on TV this morning.  The weather in Scotland is what we should be having and vice versa.  

Somehow PDT stumbles along with the best economy in decades, righting wrongs and leading the world in spite of his foot and mouth disease.  The news interpreters cannot stand it.  The democrats cannot stand it. The liberals… well there are no words that accurately describe their eye bulging, puffy cheeked red rage.  Me… I’m just a far right wing barbarian, game playing nut case.  Loving every minute.


That’s about it.  I have no theme.  No rant.  The cartoons are marginal.  This one did brighten my wet morning:

IMG 0724

Weird sense of humor, I know, but it is what it is, as they say.

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