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More drear

Yeah, I know dreary is the adjective.  So why isn’t drear the noun…?  You can see my level of sophistication here.  In any case the climate sucks.  It smacks of the drear.

We are dealing with a minor crises at our Church.  It’s complex, but the essence is developers want to build a parking garage to support a mega-entertainment complex on a site just across from the Church. The developers have their eye on a large parking lot owned by and adjacent to the Church. They would like to make what appears to be an attractive offer for the land.  Parking is always a major issue both for visitors to VaBch and church goers.  The offer is a divisive issue because some feel strongly the economics of the offer to take the land are definitive  and others feel maintaining control of the land is important for Church growth.  

The arguments are substantial on both sides but I bring it up because, as the question was considered at the Church Leadership Council last night, it became clear to me that those supporting the developers proposal were the younger population while those in opposition were those who would be described as the “senior" members.  Many of the the latter attended the meeting as non-voting observers who questioned and commented in obvious opposition to the proposal. Of the 14 voting Council members, only four are of an age to be considered “seniors”.   I was positioned to be able to observe the faces of the Council  as the meeting developed.  The body language from the people was shocking. I can only describe it as contemptuous.  (For the record, the vote was 10-4 in support of the proposal).

This, I feel, is a microcosm of American society.  I believe there is a strong undercurrent that would mandate an age at which a person is deemed no longer a benefit to the social order.  The time and energy to keep such a person viable in terms of understanding and productive participation is a negative drain.  The irony is significant but apparently not visible to all.  Almost every age group exercises the “If I knew then what I know now…” maxim.  I wonder at what point does life experience begin to diminish wisdom...  Fortunately I’ll be old soon.  Me and my dogs will just fade away.

aa© Robert Graham 2012