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In my air of pessimism yesterday, I overlooked the victory of the truck driver, Edward Durr, in New Jersey.  Now there was a triumph of values.  Taking down the second most powerful politician in the state with no budget and no name recognition is an act of God.  Maybe there is an undercurrent of rebellion I am just too jaded to detect.

Everyone I know as a conservative has the same opinion of Trump: Love his results but hate his persona.  If only he could have just shut up… Virginia showed just how true this is.  Youngkin never dissed the man or what his presidency did for the country.  And xPDT re-paid the loyalty by keeping his mouth shut and his rallies out of the state. That’s a model to learn from, and that’s why no one really wants xPDT to run again.  He is so much more powerful in the other role.  

I didn’t have this yesterday when I needed it:


In other news, Roscoe continues to hold his own.  He is definitely in that category of "don’t screw with old people".  Every day about 9:30 he starts to bark, loudly and continuously.  He won’t stop until he is given a treat.  In his mind 9:30 is treat time and that is not open to negotiation.  Kind of like his Dad: 6:30 is Scotch time...

P* was asked about the $450,000 payouts to border criminals.  He said it was stupid; not gonna happen.  Yesterday his translator said that’s not what really what  said and he was OK with the payments. More typical evidence that P* has no idea what is going on around him.  He knows only what is on the teleprompter and what his care-giver tells him.  

Finally let's give credit where credit is due: (If you don’t get it look it up)

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