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Morning After

I am mistily nostalgic this morning after a whirlwind trip to Alexandria to be with the Fuqua family.  They are of course matriarched by our own Susan Kathleen so we were legitimate participants.  While the traditions celebrated were uniquely Fuqua, I did get Sticky Buns which evolved from the greater family.  I should note that the Fuqua Thanksgiving Eve chili paired with the uniquely Steve margarita was especially pleasing.  The pre-dinner Balvenie (double wood 12) was also a lovely addition to the giving of Thanks.

We flew down the 95 and 64 corridors to get home last night.  3 hours 20 minuets, about as fast as that trip can be made in a conventional, carbon producing, four wheels on the ground,  automobile.  This contrasts to the 6 hour trek on Tuesday where the traffic was somewhat less generous and the drivers perhaps less thankful.

Gracie-Pearl apparently has never made a road trip.  She was alert and interested on the way up.  The return trip in the dark was disconcerting for her and she growled, whimpered and squeaky barked most of the way home.  Adaptation to the Western World remains elusive as she clings to her Islamic past.

The dems are digging deeply this morning for the impeachable offenses committed by PDT on his surprise visit to the troops in Afghanistan.  Perhaps the most serious was the imposed secrecy necessary to provide security.  It is unconscionable to deprive terrorists and some democrats  of their Constitutionally  guaranteed “Pursuit of Happiness” by protecting the life of that cacodaemon (look it up).

In any case, we open the season of Advent.  That is the topic of my SS lesson this and the next two weeks.  Today we will surrender quantities of the accumulated family treasure in exchange for a gaudy and excessive light display that has much to do with celebrating Christmas and little to do with the birth of the Savior. And so endeth the lesson.


aa© Robert Graham 2012