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Morning after

Apropriately dreary this morning. Really miss him.  I guess we didn’t really appreciate how much our lives were influenced by Harry.  The way his head would perk up when he heard the breakfast bowls being filled; his position by the back door whenever one of us left the house; his bark of agreement when we asked if he wanted to go out.  He was a special guy.   Hopefully he has his leg again as he runs the fields of doggy heaven.  But knowing Harry, he probably refused it, saying there’s nothing wrong with me the way I am…

Headlines this morning say the leaders of the “Caravan” have filed suit against PDT for abridgment of their rights under the 5th Amendment.  So is this what it has come down to…?  Hoards of people waving the flags of their native countries claiming the rights of American Citizens…?  That makes the same sense as voting for democrats.  Sadly there is a judge who will hear the case and rule against any position taken by PDT or the laws and traditions of the former United States of America.  I don’t have a sigh deep enough to convey my feelings.

Then there is the case of the Christian woman in Pakistan who was finally released from a death penalty for blasphemy.  Her offense was she, a Christian, allegedly drank water from a well, contaminating it, therefore blasphemy.  It took a split vote of the Pakistani Supreme Court to speak the insanity of the charge.  She was that close to loss of her life. The well informed and moderate Islamic population isn’t handling the decision well, with thousands of protestors screaming the streets.  The woman will have to go into hiding for the rest of her life.  With that life saga as a backdrop consider now the liberal outrage marching in the streets in protest of a similarly imaginary offense by one Judge Kavanaugh.  Just how far are we now from the teeming masses of Pakistan and how much closer will we be if the democrats get power…?

Scott and the girls just called on FaceTime to give condolences.  It always amazes me we can talk real time around to the other side of the world.  The girls look so grown up… that part is amazing also.  Apparently Kelly has plans to dye her hair purple tomorrow…  At least it isn’t blue if you get my drift.

I found some cartoons this morning but for some reason I can’t get them to coincide with the theme of my rants.  


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