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came very early.  We picked up Jackson at midnight.  His train was over 5 hours late. We got to bed after 1:00 and the dogs insisted they needed to go out and be fed at the usual time. There is a slight chance that because of my muddled consciousness I may pen something cogent. If so ignore it.  I’ll get back to overblown hyperbole and madness soon enough.

There are several excellent columns describing the hussein spy gate conspiracy.  All of them sing to the same music. KimberlySharyl Attkisson, Andrew McCarthy Roger Kimball… the list is even longer and the authors very credible.  And yet the prospects of justice being done continue to diminish.  If the so called blue wave occurs, the dems will bury all of this faster than clinton on  Vince Foster.  


I haven’t got time for this.  I remain woefully unprepared for my lesson tomorrow.  Oh well… Maybe the class will just fire me… Yeah…That’s the ticket….

The olive press is an image our lesson author uses as he describes Jesus’s days in Capernaum.  Too esoteric to go  into here but I did explore olive oil humor in order to lighten up an otherwise weighty lesson:  


Who knew …?

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