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Much ado...

So farewell SecNav… We hardly knew ye… There's an old maxim that implores one to choose his (hers, theirs, etc etc etc) battles wisely.  Apparently that was lost on the Navy Chain of Command as several chose to fall on their swords over the discipline or lack of disciple for the complex soul of Master Chief Gallargher. Sadly it was not a moralistic stand but more probably one of ego.    The “war crime” in question was posing for a picture beside the body of a dead combatant…  Wow…  Was that worth the Seppucu blade…?  Perhaps this is the ritualistic cleansing the Navy needs in the aftermath of her liberalization under the former CinC.  Collisions at sea anyone…?

There is a lot of murmuring that democrats are getting cold feet over impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.  There have been a couple of ads run in our local area targeting our democrat incumbent.  As I pointed out previously she has already  publicly convicted PDT.  I called out her shame to the Virginian Pilot and they actually published my letter.  When you lose the support of the VP-Democrat you may have cause for concern.


I’ll be off-line for the celebration of family and the giving of Thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…


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