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I can’t add value to the discussion.  Much wiser analyses are available from right-thinking scholars.  The usual hate generated, saliva sputtering words are available from the left.  Mueller only regurgitated the words in his report; nothing changed.  

Well, one thing changed in my mind. I always gave the apolitical, former Director of the FBI the benefit of the doubt.  After all, he was a tower of integrity and moral strength.  Chortle.. any lingering thought that Mueller was a stalwart, fair minded patriot who conducted an impartial and intellectually honest investigation was destroyed in 8 minutes. He made it clear he is as partisan the rest of the demented democrats.  He spent two years desperately trying to find something that would take down PDT.  When he failed, he begged the democrats to impeach because he knows they need no evidence or rationality; just a malignant festering hatred. 

And by the way, you’ll not find referenced in the News Interpreters wild screeching, the fact that Mueller and AGBarr released a joint statement asserting there was no conflict between the two concerning the obstruction of justice non-charge.  That such a clarification was necessary marks just how muddled mueller managed to be as he cast his hopes for taking down PDT to the panting democrats…For that I award my most severe condemnation: forever more his name shall be in lower case.

As I was meandering through my morning reading, gnashing my teeth, I ran across a silly article about a man who lifted the lid of his toilet to find a python, who subsequently bit him on the arm.  But the punch line was that the snake was taken to the Vet to be treated for an infection. Yeah.. sometimes the things that make me laugh are worthy of democrat logic

I leave Sunday morning for three days of golf with Brother-in-law Dave and friends, at Olde Mill golf course in the hills and trees of SW Virginia. The course is pure eye candy and a difficult test.  Mostly it’s a bunch of old men who take pleasure in the occasional beer/whisky, telling lie… uh… sea stories, peeing in the woods and striking the ball as frequently as possible.  None of us can hit the ball far enough to score well but if you have selected male as your gender choice, you’ll understand… Maybe...


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