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is the life we live.  First there is the morning ritual of opening the comics page, moving on to the WSJ and the start of the daily condemnation all democrats, p*doj in particular.  That done, I eat my green eggs and ham and retire to the office where I peruse the conservative tinted news and continue the whining.  On occasion, I open this app and spew some rage on the page.  I do the business of Grahamville in the mornings, emails, phones calls, yada yada.  Then I either kill pixels or read.  I have been reading two or three books a week, mostly garbage but now and then a gem.  The pixel supply is endless and repetitive but keeps me from napping… sometimes.

Ladybug is very much in heat.  She flaunts it in front of Roscoe who is quite alert to the pheromones, but long ago lost the apparatus. It’s a messy business and combined with the mud created by the non-stop rain, it becomes discouraging.  It is predictable that Ruby will follow on soon.  Neither girl can be spayed until the complete the three months or so of heart worm treatments starting next month.

Somewhere I read this proposition:  xPDT wins a house seat in Florida; the republicans take over the house; Trump is elected Speaker and starts up the impeachment machine…  What fun that would be…

OK now moving on… Was it to a nap or pixels…? or both…

  © Robert Graham