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Must be Monday...

Ladybug went to her new home Saturday morning.  No reports so far.  It was a rainy weekend and I was unable to mow.  The rain is like steroids for the lawn so hopefully we will get a couple of days of sun to dry it out.

Tomorrow a local firm will come to pick up all of our large rugs for cleaning.  It’s been a few years and the extent of soiling is rather large.  Foster dogs quickly discover areas that were used in the past and consider them fair game.  The amount of family gold spent on cleaning supplies and carpet cleaners would support a small nation.

It’s quite clear that the wuhan virus originated from the lab.  There is certainly no evidence to support an alternative origin while the evidence damning the lab grows daily.  And so I must ask why the scurrilous  bureaucrat, tony fauci, has any credibility whatsoever.  

In the meantime while we are considering redoing all of the things that didn’t work for the first pass of the virus, the virus itself continues to pour in across the southern border.  From there it is quickly being distributed through the country. It’s almost as if p* wants us all too get it.   Where is the outrage  I ask in vain…


The US Women’s soccer team will not win gold.  Now maybe the star of the team, rapinoe of Victoria Secret fame, will finally shut up


  © Robert Graham