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My Question is...

What did you expect…?  Putin had his forces in place for months.  The cost of having them deployed in that manner was enormous.  Food and shelter not the least of the costs… Did anyone seriously think he would just send everyone back home…?  What would that  humiliation have cost him ?  

Putin is focused on the pride of his empire.  He wants the USSR restored.  Our society and leadership are not capable of understanding the culture and mentality of the Russian people. 

We are a country who can’t decide what is more important: use of pronouns or freeing violent criminals because... equity.  We are conflicted over masking children and the efficacy of allowing parents to know what is being taught in schools when anything is being taught in schools.  We have leadership who thinks that climate change is our most important priority and whose policies deprive Americans of energy in the name of that cause while the world cascades into flames.  

Sanctions…? p* thinks that will deter…?  He might as well send vp* to bolster the strength of the EU with her articulate and powerful word attack… Oh wait… he did that.

p* was asked:Do you think you may have underestimated Putin?  His response is here.  Watch and weep… and ask yourself: what would things look like if xPDT hadn’t  written such nasty tweets…?

  © Robert Graham