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My Thesis

has always been that liberals, AKA democrats, lack a certain degree of reasoning ability; common sense;  ability to function in a non-reactive manner; in other words: sawdust for brains.  It’s an unfair, ludicrous generalization and we know full well that all generalizations are false.  My sister is a democrat and she has none of the above characteristics.  

That said, consider the sequence of events as listed in the WSJ that led to the hacking of the DNC.  Unfortunately I can’t link to or extract the sidebar but fundamentally it outlines a series of DNC people responding to “phishing” emails and revealing their credentials to accounts. Including as we know, the chairman of the clinton campaign.  The so called “hacking" was no more sophisticated than taking advantage of the stupidity of these particular democrats.  Harry, my very senior  three legged, addled GR, a fully certified democrat, knows better than to respond to emails asking for login data. Hence my thesis.

And it was that failing of very incompetent people, that led ultimately to Trump being investigated for collusion.  Thus proving that democrats will pile stupid on top of incompetence and then try to scheme and excuse the resulting pot of excrement by trumpeting the news interpreters to the tune of “HE DID IT”.

Golf yesterday was reversion to norm. Gone was the pipedream of sub-80 scores… Sigh…

How’s PDT’s trip going so far…?  I’d say this summarizes it pretty well:


Of course he may meet his match in his partner in collusion, Putin.  Putin doesn’t negotiate.  He hasn’t read the book.  If he doesn’t get the result he wants, he just shoots people until things start to come out right.  I suspect PDT would add that chapter to his book if he lived in other times.

Is it just me or does in seem surreal that people to whom PDT has done nothing, and I mean nothing, hate him with a fervent passion that leads them to the streets in rage.  To wit, the streets of London teeming with protestors screaming obscenities at a man who lives in another country and touches their lives in no way whatsoever.  Clearly my far right-wing, barbarian perception is skewed so far out of reality I just can’t make sense out the obvious.  


How about them Yankees…?  Sob…

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