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I’ve always harbored the hope that people, even democrats, deep in their souls are fair minded.  Maybe it’s the cynicism of almost old age, but I can no longer believe that.  Examples?  Sure.  Look at the reaction that followed the suicide of al-Baghdadi… The immediate gut  response from the left was how can this be a good thing if it casts credit on PDT…?  Look at the vote in the House on the impeachment process…? A strictly party line vote… If you cornered advocates of either side privately with a couple of fine scotches under the belt, would concessions be made to the some truth to the opposing perspective…?  Nope.  it’s case of blue or red and that’s that.  Even the two defecting democrats did so out of fear for their jobs… Not because they had a conscience.

The weather idiots were agitating about severe weather as we went to bed last night.  I left my phone on and at 1:10 AM the phone emitted a screech announcing a tornado had been detected nearby.  I turned on the TV and sure enough the weather folks were bouncing up and down over a radar image that could be a strong rotation headed for the Pungo area.  That’s us.  I debated shoving Mei Mei and the dogs into the closet under the stairs but the final vote was cast by Mei Mei who said she wasn’t getting up. No tornado showed up, but shortly thereafter the monsoon hit.  I was quite glad at that point we had a new roof.  

Back to work.  My lesson, at least for now, will be on John.  I think I may have about 7 minutes of material at this point.  And the is just pictures from Ephesus… Too bad I was a professional killer and not a biblical scholar…


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