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I was invited to play golf this morning. It’s 41 degrees, wet and windy.  Not my idea of fun so I’m here doing this. 

Long ago, I was ordered to the Pentagon in the service of our nation. In my naivety,  I thought I knew who the enemy was:  The Russians.  As my wisdom grew, I came to realize I was wrong.  The enemy was the Air Force.  Well into my tenure I came to the Truth.  Since I worked on the strategic missile submarine side of the house, it was the attack submariners who were to be feared and schemed against. 

So goes my parable… When my congressional representative promised she would put the interests of this Great Nation above politics, I was not impressed.  And rightfully so as we find the democrats quite openly condemning any associate who might vote with Republicans no matter the cause.  They are making a list and checking it twice.  The same applies to the Senate where little chuckle forbids any collusion with republican gentlemen never mind the cost to the Nation. Who is the enemy…? 

What’s that…?  You want a representative republic…?  Ha!  It is to laugh…


I visit the doctor in the coming weeks.  That is significant because I am over a year from my last checkup. My a1C, the indicator of my carb and sugar intake discipline, has not been measured in that period.  I have been free of nagging oversight and constraint designed to make my life miserable by depriving me of cake, cookies, breads and sweets... Or perhaps save me from diabetes… who knows. Monday, they will take my blood and record that dreaded number for the world to see and judge…  Prayers might help for I have been good, at least sort of, for the past month… Unfortunately the a1C can’t be fooled in just a few weeks.

The ceremony honoring Pearl's transition  from Turkish citizenship to Grahamanian will be Sunday.  She will be christened Gracie Pearl and baptized into the Christian faith.  Apparently there is nothing we can do about her political affiliation… Sigh…

I’m amused by the the sudden super-stardom of such a small and broken man as Cohen,  He thinks he has gained stature since he has pleased democrats but really… you can sprinkle perfume on dog poop and cover it in baking soda but the stink will come on your hands  and the longer it sits in the bright light the more obvious it becomes exactly what it is…

Trust me. I know something about dog poop.


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