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No, I’m not talking about fancy nancy and her throat slitting campaign to be speaker… It’s the climate outside.  Cold, windy and rain. Perhaps presages a visit to the dentist today...

Yeah we do have to deal with the new democrat power craze.  Apparently a move to impeach the prez is unpopular at the moment.  They will focus on universal health care, abolition of the 2nd amendment and achieving wealth for themselves.  If all of those whose campaign promises included not voting for old nan are true to voters… she doesn’t have the votes.  But who believes in keeping campaign promises other than PDT…?  

The Lena saga continues.  She will go under the knife of a certified surgeon right after Thanksgiving to have exploratory surgery as well as to have her uterus removed.  She’s a poor baby… The surgeon will try to find the remnants of the ovaries but its a crap shoot.  She may well be locked into heat cycles the rest of her life. There is medication for the symptoms both for the dog and the owner.  Adult beverages may be involved.

Based on the leaks and speculation, it would appear the Mueller bandwagon may be staggering to a wrap-up.  Everyone who self-defines with brain cells knows there is cannot be a logical, intellectually satisfying conclusion involving indictment of PDT.  Logic and and intellect however have nothing to do with democrats so stand by for a S#$%storm when the report is bland and useless in a court of law. 


I have given up  trying to lose the 5-7 pounds that haunt me every time I even look at the scale or try to button my trousers.  The weight is now calcified and cannot be removed short of surgery.  Even then it would rapidly grow back.  The intake of mandatory, life sustaining empty calories of cookies, cake, candy and butter and raw sugar will continue.  If I give it all up I will get old and grouchy.  No one wants that.

I’m thinking of traveling to Florida to vote.  Evidently there is no time limit.  Voting will continue until the count is satisfactory.  I know… makes no sense since my vote would be republican but there is evidence that it doesn’t matter.  All votes are democrat because… well… because PDT.

aa© Robert Graham 2012