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of my duty to condemn democrats universally, and whine about everything is criminal I know.  I stopped tracking who reads my trash years ago so I when I am occasionally reminded of my failures I am surprised to realize it’s been a while. 

To answer Mike’s question: Ruby had only one application for adoption.  It was from a couple in Charlottesville.  As it turns out they are in the almost old category but have a pattern of adopting “senior” dogs that no one else really wants.  Although Ruby is only 7, they did apply to adopt.  The long distance involved complicates the process but since Richmond is about half way between the two of us, we may take the opportunity to visit our grandson Tyler and his wife who recently announced they will have for us a great grandchild in late December.

After a rainy and rather cool weekend, we are enjoying full sun shine and clear blue skies. We are not so much " enjoying the long weekend" as our thoughtless vp* wished, as reflecting on what those who selflessly gave their lives would think of how the country has shown its gratitude.

This is what we wish.  

But here is the reality:

I am, like many, a veteran.   Not all service was altruistic but all did involve sacrifice, thankfully for me and those reading it was not the ultimate.  The years at sea while one’s children were growing is a sacrifice not realized until one day they are grown and gone.  I could beat this theme to death. My point is ultimately that I wonder if the sacrifice was worth it when I see cities burn, the police condemned and the selfish, self-serving social and racial movements call for the burning of the Constitution.  Liberty, justice…?  Is this really what we have become…?

And this is why there are long periods when I don’t rant.  

  © Robert Graham