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There is a strong possibility we are going to be Great Grandparents.  Steven, our oldest grandson and his wife are expecting in September.  We do have to traverse the intervening months to be awarded the title but that many be possible even under a democrat administration.  Certainly not a given especially since they live in Seattle, but we have hope. 

p* held his first “press conference” yesterday.  I suppose that is the proper nomenclature but it seemed more of a tea party between p* and his adoring friends. The hardest question was are you going to run again in ’24.  Otherwise it was p* trying to be sure he had the questioner matched with the note prepared for his answer to the pre-positioned question.  Very much a “weekend at Bernies” sort of occasion.  His lies about the filibuster were particularly disturbing. 

I know you are aware of the recent incident where an automatic assault rife went berserk and murdered folks.  Make no mistake, the perpetrator was the gun and we would be safe if we could just find the courage to ignore the constitution and effect the grand ban.  Should the suggestion be made that the trigger was pulled by a white nationalist muslim man born in Syria, is racist talk of insurrection.

p* failed in an epic manner when he tried to blame the border crises on the evil xPDT. The best he could do was make things up out of whole cloth.  Of course we forgive his perfidy because after all, he is such a kind, decent man  Pay no attention to the divisive language, the sexual assaults and criminal associations with Ukrainians.  What even happened to Tara Reade and Tony Bobulinski… 

Just one more cartoon in support of my deep disgust with social media and it’s willing pawns…

When the service is “free", you are the product.

  © Robert Graham