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Wasn’t going to blog for already stated reasons, but I got a series of calls.  Jackson called from SUBASE NLON.  He’s about to start Sub School and was checking in.  He is already talking in acronyms, many of which I never heard before so it was hard to decipher.  He is excited about the plan which includes Sub School, another school and then off to be a Navigation Electronics Technician.  His maturity has deepened and I am so pleased at this point.  

Kathleen called and apparently Steve has a plausible explanation for his malady.  It will take some more time but they feel they are on the way to a solution.

Then this morning Scott called.  He has just returned from a photo shoot safari in Kenya.  His stories are book worthy but I wanted to include two of his pictures, one from Africa and one from their trip out west:

What an artist.  This is the kid who started out as trombone player, shifted to Navy helicopters, became a Master Scuba Instructor and then a math teacher… Oh and then he dropped the news that Kayla, our golf protege, is interested in going into the Navy…

Back to work…

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