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Now that Dorien appears to be moving put to sea, stories have largely faded.  Here, it is all just starting. We have winds to 70 and sheets of solid rain.  So far the roof appears to be holding.  Surprisingly the dogs went out to do their business this morning.  They were soaked instantly but held on to find their favorite spot.  Even Ginger went out and she doesn’t like cloudy days much less a monsoon.  We still have power and internet although the DirecTv is spotty.

Lot’s of fun stuff in the reading…CNN for reasons that only the insane comprehend, decided to allow the democrats candidates to debate the “Climate Crises”.  As one would anticipate from such a gathering debating mythology, the results were astounding.  Bad ass bernie thinks eugenics is the answer.  He called it birth control but you know hat he was thinking.  Use this pretext to mandate abortion of any offspring whose parents may have stayed from bernie bible of madness.  Of course joey had to endorse the green new deal even though he has no concept of what that means.  The Dr Seuss version isn’t out yet.  Here is some irony:  CNN ran Luxury travel and BBQ ads during the commercials.  Both of those items would go away if the dems have their way…

So go ahead… choose one of those brain addled, power crazed folks over PDT.  Seems an odd choice because in many respects PDT has the same symptoms.  But he at least is an American who believes in America.  The others worship at the altar of government power and the enforcement by whatever means of whims of the liberal elite.

Biden quote:  “You can’t preach to the choir of you can’t sing”  uhhhh… tin man indeed.

The weather mandated sleep-in reminds me of the old days in CT where we lived at the bottom of a steep 350 foot driveway.  When it snowed, we were house bound, so we learned to love it.

no good cartoons this morning.  Well there was this one:


Power flashing on and off.  Better get off this.

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